x By-Laws
All present and future Lot Owners, their families, present and future tenants, and their guests and invitees, and any other person using the facilities of Timberlake Estates in any manner are subject to the Timberlake Estates Documents, including these By-Laws. The mere acquisition, continued occupancy or rental of any of the Lots in Timberlake Estates or the mere act of occupancy of one of the Lots shall constitute ratification and acceptance of these By-Laws and implied consent to be so bound.
The Covenants are imposed for the benefit of all owners of the parcels of land located within the Property. These Covenants create specific rights and privileges that may be shared and enjoyed by all owners and occupants of any part of the Property.

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2013 Amendment to Covenants

TEOA Board Policy: A resident may not have any more than three (3) PODS parked on their property for any longer than 15 days.